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Hello, I created this blog because Melbourne is my city and I want people to see what a beautiful place it is. So come with me on a journey of discovery as we traverse the dining precincts, the culture, the laneways and hidden gems that make Melbourne marvellous.

Waltzing Australia

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Space Whisperers

Deep Space Communication Complex

Each day the antennas are directed to receive or transmit data to any number of robotic spacecraft exploring our Solar System and beyond. This schedule is worked out months and sometimes years in advance by the mission controllers at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California USA.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Cockington Green

See the world at Cockington Green Gardens
This beautiful Tudor Cottage is the setting of one of the lovelest gardens with meticulously crafted miniature buildings of many famous places around the world. Set in landscaped gardens, with bridges and hedges, you could easily spend a happy half a day here as you step into another world.

See the blue domed St. Andrig church, a famous Ukrainian landmark which stands high above the Podil district of Kyiv,or the Borodudur Temple of Indonesia, or Groote Constantia from South Africa. Marvel at the mysteries of Stonehenge, be captured by the Traki Castle from Lithuania, built by the Grand Duke Vytautas Magnus in 1405, and stand at the Lahore Gate - the Red Fort of Agra. In this international section of the gardens, there are 31 buildings, castles and monuments to feast your eyes upon.

And after seeing these wonderful buildings, pop into the "Parsons Nose Garden Café" for a nice hot cup of tea and some tasty scones or sandwiches.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Chinese Garden of Friendship

Dragon Wall

One of my favourite places in Sydney is the Chinese Garden of Friendship. As you enter these lovely gardens, you feel a sense of peace and serenity as you enter another world - a world of tinkling waters, enchanting Pagodas and charming landscapes, and it is hard to imagine you are within a stone's throw of a busy metropolis.

This magnificent Wall was a gift from Guangdong and features two coloured dragons. The blue represents NSW, and the gold-brown represents Guangdong. The Pearl of Posperity, carried by a wave between the dragons, symbolises the bond between the two cities.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Peaceful Slumber

Walking to the Chinese Garden of Friendship along Darling Harbour, almost every wooden seat had someone sleeping on them.
These birds seem to have taken quite a shine to the bloke sleeping on this bench.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Skywatch Friday - Clouds Over The Bridge

As I sat on the Ferry from Double Bay and saw the clouds rolling in, I was amazed at the difference a few hours can make. Earlier, the sky had been orange from the duststorm, and now it was blue with white and silver clouds.

Do you ever look up at the sky and see shapes in the clouds and imagine you can see an animal there, or a tree or flower here? Or maybe a pirate ship or a ghostly galleon battling stormy waters...
Imagination is a wonderful thing.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Seeing Red

Stonehenge with sunburn?
These unusual shapes are on the corner of London Circuit opposite the Canberra YHA and make quite a splash. I'm not sure what they are meant to represent, but they certainly are thought provoking aren't they?

My apologies for not posting photos of Melbourne, but as I'm on holiday, I'm not at my computer and I've tried uploading from Photobucket but they aren't scanning, so I've uploaded my holiday pics and will post some until I'm back home and back in the helm.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Liquid Refreshment

Strolling along Exhibition Street one fine morning, it was the hat that caught my eye first. And the relaxed pose of a man obvlivious to all else. The words of a Slim Dusty song come to mind ...

I love to have a beer with Duncan
I love to have a beer with Dunc
We drink in moderation
And we never ever ever get rollin' drunk
We drink at the Town and Country
Where the atmpsphere is great
I love to have a beer with Duncan
'Cos Duncan's me mate.

Listen to the song -

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Bend And Stretch

Bend And Stretch
Exercises, Exercises, we enjoy our Exercises!
This fellow has the right idea - taking a break and giving his legs a rest from all that pedalling.

Strengthening the muscles of the upper thoracic spine can be done anywhere and working out on the banks of the Yarra provides a wonderful scenic backdrop. Much nicer than indoors.

I'm up in the lovely city of Sydney at the moment and managed to get hold of a laptop. I'll try to post some photos while I'm away from home.

Monday, 14 September 2009


Strolling down Little Bourke Street in the heart of Chinatown, was the most delicious aroma, and my nose led me to this wonderful little shop. There was a group of school children on a day trip - their noses pressed to the window, mouths salivating, and one cheeky young lad asked, "Why did the chicken cross the road Miss?"
Peking Duck anybody?

Due to the light, I wasn't able to get a clearer picture - hence the reflections of the buildings and street lamp opposite.

I'm going on holidays today for 3 weeks, so there probably won't be another picture until then.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Natural and Manmade

I once thought these tall, manmade structures a blot on an otherwise scenic landscape, but here somehow there is a haunting beauty in this tall, imposing piece of electrical workmanship.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Care For A Swim?

Driving past Brighton Beach recently, this "lady swimmer" caught my eye. While I'm not sure what she exactly represents, nevertheless she looked quite imposing.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Section 8

Nestled in the middle of Chinatown down one of Melbourne's laneways, is a gardened graffiti haven - where the drinks are cool, the decor's cool and the bar staff even cooler. This great little bar adds life and zest, and on a Friday after work you'd be lucky to get standing room only.

If you're looking for walls and a ceiling - forget it! Hip, bright and funky,
Section 8 is one of the hottest places around. Take a bare space between buildings, wire fencing, get some talent to paint the bricks, toss in highly coloured scatter cushions, add a bar, create an Eastern theme and Voila!

The tables are 40 gallon drums, the seats square container boxes all graffitied over in a myriad of colour and pattern. Sit where you like - it's the coolest joint around.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Tantalising Tangelos

As the saying goes - they look good enough to eat!

These were on sale at the Vic market, and not only did they taste scrumdiddlyumptious - they were sweet and juicy, too.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Birrarung Marr Footbridge

The Birrarung Marr Footbridge was completed in 2000 and joins the MCG with Birrarung Marr. Crossing the Jolimont railyards and Batman Avenue, it is a bridge of strong perspectives, and is eye-catching with its tall, linear spears and simplicity. Stretching 120 metres in length, you get great views of Melbourne city and see far over the Yarra to the Eureka Tower.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Leaning Towers of Melbourne?

I photographed these two buildings because I was struck by the difference in stlye. Looking at it later I was surprised to see that both appear to be leaning - inwards.
Pisa, eat your heart out - we got two!

Monday, 7 September 2009

Brighton Bathing Boxes

One of Melbourne's icons - The Brighton Bathing Boxes.
A colourful reminder of our past. In a time long before the advent of the mini skirt, or shock horror - shorts, bathing was a daring business,
with "Neck-To-Knees" being the height of fashion.

Brighton was Melbournian's favourite seaside destination and where the well-heeled liked to promenade. Brighton’s foreshore is home to 82 pieces of local heritage and culture. Take the train to Brighton Beach or follow The Esplanade to Green Point car park. Step on to Dendy Beach and experience an era where bathing modesty was preserved behind the weatherboard walls of a European-style bathing box.

The local council plans to build six new bathing boxes in Brighton and auction them to ratepayers. The council owns the land for each box and charges an annual licence fee of $500. Only Bayside ratepayers are allowed to have one, which sell for between $150,000 and $200,000 each with council approval. Nice - eh?

These bathing boxes are photographic favourites with both locals and tourists, and form the backdrop to many family portraits and wedding memories. They're quietly famous too, you know, having featured in an episode of Kath and Kim, made appearances in Getaway and been aired overseas during the Australian Tennis Open and the Formula One Grand Prix.

So, what are you waiting for - pack a picnic and pop down to Brighton on your next weekend and stroll along the beach.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

The Spirit of Tasmania

Taking the ferry from Melbourne to Tasmania has long been a popular way to visit our island state. Flying's cheaper of course, and a lot faster, but if you go on the ferry, you can take your own car which is a great advantage, especially if you're staying there for a while. Think of all the money you save in car hire!

You can either get a day ticket/recliner seat or a cabin. The Spirit of Tasmania has 222 cabin, each has private bathroom facilities. We had a 4 berth cabin with a porthole and it was a great way to travel. You sail overnight and arrive early in the morning ready to start your trip, just drive your car out and off you go. There are day sailings as well as night during hte summer months.

Dining on board caters for all budgets, dine a la carte at the Seasons Restaurant. Treat your taste buds to fine Tasmanian produce in elegant surroundings, or dine buffet style at Waves Eatery. There are three bars - Lounge Bar, Deck Bar and Main Bar. There's entertainment too - A Cinema, Children's Playroom, Games Arcade and a Gaming lounge.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

What the Window Cleaner Saw...

Strolling along the Harbour Esplanade at Melbourne's Docklands one afternoon, I watched fascinated at the antics of these two hapless young blokes - the one on the left looked more like he was abseiling than window cleaning. I wonder what they see as they "wax on, wax off"?

When I'm Cleaning Windows

Friday, 4 September 2009

Queen Victoria Market

The Queen Victoria Market is not just any old market, it is a shopping mecca, the Queen of Australian markets, and an institution for locals and tourists alike. Opening on March 20th 1878, this grand old lady has stood the test of time and many a bargain has been found. There are almost 1,000 traders selling their wares - the freshest of produce - ripe tomatoes. juicy oranges, leeks, capsicums, luscious strawberries, to snap peas and Asian vegies, you can buy just about anything here.

Wander through the meat market - lamb, veal, pork, or fancy some fish? Then head to the fish market where only the freshest fish is sold.

Cheese, hams, proscuitto, sliced meats, salamis, to exotic herbs and spices - you can get it all at the Vic market. Spread over 7 hectares, the Vic market is the largest market in the Southern hemisphere. Clothing, footwear, wine tasting on Sundays - the Vic market has it all. Have lunch, grab a coffee, enjoy a nice hot cup of tea and take the weight off your feet - so come on down and spend a day at the market.

You will find more information on the side panel under "Melbourne Information."

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Bridge Over Untroubled Waters

The Afton Street Pedestrian Bridge was built in 1990 and crosses over the Maribyrnong River linking Afton Street and The Boulevard with Chifley Drive.

Winding its way along the river, The Boulevard is a popular walk with locals and those keen on exercise. The Chifley Drive walk is a 4.2 km loop starting at Leopold Street near the Anglers Tavern - follow the path along the river and Chifley Drive past the Coulson Gardens to Afton St footbridge. Cross the bridge onto the North side of the river, follow the track along Riverside Park past Essendon Rowing Club to Maribyrnong Road, finishing back at the Anglers Tavern. After this delightful walk, relax in the grounds of the Anglers with a long cool drink.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Melbourne in Springtime

Sweet Snapdragons
Pretty Petunias
Romantic Roses
Iridescent Irises
Noble Narcissus
Gorgeous Gladioli

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Heyday Hong Kong Café

Brick Houses

Built in 1895 by the See Yup Society as housing for Chinese, this brick pair of residences are reminders of the many small houses that once existed in this area.

In the early 1900's, No. 18 was used as a store, but No. 16 has had a predominantly residential use.

Standing in Celestial Avenue, both are on the Victorian Heritage Register. All places on the Victorian Heritage Register and the Heritage Inventory are legally protected under the Heritage Act 1995.

Celestial Avenue is just one of the many fascinating laneways in Melbourne. What were once dingy, dark alleyways are now home to hip restaurants, funky art work and great eating.

Melbourne Daily Photo

Hello, I created this blog because Melbourne is my city and I want people to see what a beautiful place it is. So come with me on a journey of discovery as we traverse the dining precincts, the culture, the laneways and hidden gems that make Melbourne marvellous.