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Hello, I created this blog because Melbourne is my city and I want people to see what a beautiful place it is. So come with me on a journey of discovery as we traverse the dining precincts, the culture, the laneways and hidden gems that make Melbourne marvellous.

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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Southbank & Southgate

Southbank from Princes Bridge
Southbank is the area that stretches along the southern bank of the Yarra River. It starts the moment you cross Princes Bridge, turn right and walk down the steps to the river. Southbank was once an old and neglected area, mostly industrial, which has been rejuvenated as the heartbeat of the central city area.

The Yarra River
This has been done by using the Yarra River as a central feature and by introducing entertainment facilities along the river bank. The main focal point is the Southgate Arts & Leisure Precinct, which is Melbourne's main entertainment precinct. This photo is facing north and was taken from Southgate. The green dome you see is Flinders Street Station and the Church spire is that of St. Paul's which is on the opposite corner diagonally to the station.

Trendy Cafes
There are upmarket shops and restaurants, trendy cafes, food courts and a five-star hotel. I took this photo from one of the upstairs levels.

Hamer Hall
This area also is the home of the Arts Centre and its theatres, as well as the Hamer Hall (previously Melbourne Concert Hall). At Southgate, a huge emphasis is placed on outdoor eating and sidewalk entertainment. A market is held along the footways at the eastern end of the river bank on Sunday mornings.

Relaxing at Southgate
It is not only tourists who love Southbank and Southgate - many Melbournians when visiting the city come for a snack and a drink, and city workers can be seen on their lunchbreak relaxing under the many shady trees along the Promenade. The trees are deciduous so the area still gets plenty of light even on the darkest winter day. It is also a great area for families - at weekends and during school holidays especially - mums and dads and babies in prams.

Cruising the Yarra
You can catch a steamboat opposite the Southgate complex for a trip up the Yarra.

Today's Quote: When you look at a city, it's like reading the hopes, aspirations and pride of everyone who built it - Hugh Newell Jacobsen.

Friday, 26 February 2010

Skywatch Friday - At The Dawning Of The Day

At the Dawning of the Day

"Every Sunrise"
Every sunrise is a present, A gift from God above,
Gift-wrapped with scarlet ribbons, Tied with bows of love.

Each day's a new beginning, A time to start anew,
While all the stars are sleeping, The rose is fresh with dew.

Each day's a new creation, Too lovely to ignore,
We may find a blessing, Just outside our door.

We cannot keep the past, Like fireflies in a jar;
Nor journey to the future, By wishing on a star.

Every sunrise is a blessing, A gift for just today,
Rejoice my friend, Embrace it before it fades away!

Author Unknown

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Today's Quote: Morning glory is the best name, it always refreshes me to see it - Henry David Thoreau.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Melbourne's Western Skyline Over The Yarra

Both sides of the Yarra
I took this photo last Thursday from Princes Bridge. You can see Melbourne's western skyline. On the right hand side along the river bank is the start of the CBD, while "across the Yarra" to your left is the Southbank precinct which I'll be posting about later.

Did you know that in 1835 John Pascoe Fawkner’s ‘Enterprize’ sailed up the Yarra from Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania)? A feat of navigational skill back then crossing Bass Strait. (Bass Strait is the stretch of water between Victoria and Tasmania)

In the distance are two bridges - a foot bridge and further down Sandridge Bridge built in 1888. As you can see, there are a number of riverboats, ferries and water taxis which offer river cruises - you can cruise up east to Hawthorn, or perhaps you might like to head out west to the Docklands and Flemington Racecourse, or maybe further on down to Williamstown and enjoy a day at the beach.

Whichever you choose you can be guaranteed a wonderful day of seeing Marvelous Melbourne.

Today's Quote: In rivers, the water that you touch is the last of what has passed and the first of that which comes; so with present time - Leonardo da Vinci.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Graffiti Triptych

Strolling through Melbourne Central last Thursday, as I was making my way along to get to Russell Street, this glorious riot of colour met my eyes.

The artwork was longer than a Chinese dragon! Melbourne has some very talented artists who adorn our laneways and alleys with terrific paintings.

I have been to all states and territories but Melbourne stands out as the Graffiti capital - so much originality - much more interesting than looking at plain walls.

The three shots joined together to give you some idea of what I saw.

Today's quote: I paint because I love it, and it adds character to any inanimate object. Whether it is a wall or a footpath. It brings the streets to life - Rone.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Scenic Sunday - Stopover

A wagon ride?

Gotta dream boy
Gotta song
Paint your wagon
And come along

I spotted this wagon standing forlorn in the grounds of Lovegrove Winery Estate and was reminded of the film "Paint Your Wagon" and thought of the many hundreds of emigrants of an earlier age where horse and wagon was the only means of transport. Looking at these times from the comfort of the 21st century, they bring visions of romance and excitement, of being on the road facing new adventures with new landscapes to see each day.

In reality however, it would have been a long, tiring, often dangerous journey, not knowing when you might meet dangers and pitfalls along the way. Those early emigrants must have been a sturdy lot. I wonder how many of us today would have the strength and stamina to make such a journey?

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Today's quote: Hitch your wagon to a star - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Melbourne Central - Coops Shot Tower

The Melbourne Central shot tower and iconic glass cone.

Located at Knox Place Melbourne, Coop’s Shot Tower and Flanking Building were erected in 1889-90 and consist of a two storey, three bay brick structure dominated by a fifty metre high castellated tower. The Tower was used for the manufacture of lead shot until closing in 1960. It remained unoccupied until being incorporated into the Melbourne Central shopping centre in the late 1980s-early 1990s.

Coops Shot Tower is classified by the Victorian Heritage Register and is protected by state law.

Today's Quote: Where is the Princess? In the Tower waiting for us to rescue her - Shrek.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Black Saturday - One Year On

The road to Marysville before the bushfires

Today, 7th February 2010, is exactly one year since the horrific bushfires known as Black Saturday swept across my state in which 173 people died, and devastated Kinglake, Flowerdale and wiped out Marysville. Of the 700 or so homes and businesses in Marysville, only 5 were left standing. The temperature on that day reached 46.4º, today a year later the expected temperature is 29º - that's 17º cooler.

Marysville - The old water wheel

Marysville - The petrol station
I have been back several times in those areas and on my first trip back to Marysville, I almost got lost - I didn't recognise anything - all the "landmarks" were gone.

Marysville - Remembrance

Kinglake NP
Re-generation has begun although Lake Mountain is still an eerie, leafless wilderness as is most of Kinglake NP.

Kinglake - Rebuilding

Kinglake Farmers Market
Kinglake restarted their farmers market (2nd Sunday of the month) in October and building has begun.

Marysville - Just before New Year's Day
On my last trip it was just before New Year and there was a feeling of festivity in the air - trees were decorated with Christmas decorations, and the supermarket had re-opened on the site of the former car museum on Saturday 5th December - five months after the bushfires.

Marysville - Christmas Gate

Marysville - Christmas Tree
This once glorious tree stands at the corner of Pack Road and Murchison Street

Marysville - Decorated handrail
The steps and handrail leading to the footpath is between Fraga's and the Bakery Cafe in Murchison Street.

Marysville - Ye Olde Style Lolly Shoppe
Uncle Fred and Aunty Val's Olde Style Lolly Shop was a wonderful world of goody-num-nums at 8 Murchison Street. Julia Harris re-opened on the 10 July 2009 in a tin shed on the same site.

Today's Quote: Our passion are the true phoenixes; when the old one is burnt out, a new one rises from its ashes - Goethe.

Apologies for not visiting and commenting, I have been heavily involved in a case over the past few weeks and have had very little spare time and will endeavour to rememdy this.☺

Melbourne Daily Photo

Hello, I created this blog because Melbourne is my city and I want people to see what a beautiful place it is. So come with me on a journey of discovery as we traverse the dining precincts, the culture, the laneways and hidden gems that make Melbourne marvellous.